No Stars

I told myself that I wouldn’t devote a lot of web space to writing about potty training.  Yes, it’s something every parent struggles with. But when I started blogging about Andrew, I promised myself that I would try to avoid posts which would embarrass him to death later in life.

So I have tried to minimize the stories like this one: Andrew tried to get us up in the morning so he could use the bathroom.  Hubby didn’t hear him.  I didn’t make it to his door fast enough.  When I opened the door, Andrew was grinning like a Cheshire cat – his stuffed monkey in one hand, his diaper in the other.  Yeah…he had peeled it off and peed on the floor.

Sorry, Andrew!  I promise now that I’ve gotten this story out of my system, I won’t repeat it in front of your future girl friends, at your wedding or bar mitzvah.

But since I’m on the subject of potty training…

When you walk into Andrew’s classroom at day care, on the wall immediately in front of you is a chart with all the kids’ names.  It’s the potty training chart and for a lot of kids, it’s full of stars.  For a few of the boys, it has a couple.  Then there’s Andrew’s row…with no stars.  (There is one other little girl with no stars)

It’s not that Andrew’s never used the potty.  Just not at school.  And he steadfastly maintains that he doesn’t want to use the potty at school.

We asked Andrew what he wanted as a reward for using the bathroom.  At first, his response was “CUPCAKES!” Then he wanted cars.  Coloring books. Now he’s totally obsessed with characters from the Toy Story movies.

I’m not sure how to convince a stubborn 2 year old that he should be using the potty instead of just going in his diaper. Bribery isn’t working.  Neither is seeing all his other friends at school using the bathroom.  So I’m not really sure what to try next.

Who has any ideas for me?

Have a great weekend guys!

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