My Little Fish

Brady took swim lessons last winter. We go to the pool at our local YMCA at least once per week year-round. And while he has always enjoyed the water park (which has zero depth entry), he was always a little unsure of the water when his feet couldn’t touch the ground (or his face got splashed a lot). We have a pool in our backyard also, and once that opened for the season… Brady changed.

It is nearing the end of the summer, and now rather than being a little unsure in the water – I have a fish! Brady does still wear his lifejacket most of the time, but he will also wear the “backpacks” and floaties instead. When Brady can reach the ground, he throws the diving sticks into the water and goes down and gets those sticks with his head fully under the water with no fear. He runs off of our deck and jumps into our pool (now I still get nervous during those jumps). So he seems to have really taken to the water.  So much so, that he has his first case of swimmer’s ear as I write this entry.

I plan to foster this growth by continuing going to the pool twice each week. And I might even try to get him 1-1 lessons. I would feel a lot better (since we have a pool), if Brady were independent in the water and free from the lifejacket. It is amazing to see the progress that “little people” make in a quick 2 months. Can’t wait to see the progress next summer when he is swimming daily again!

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