Headed Home

This weekend my family and I are heading back to PA for a much-needed vacation.  We plan to relax and visit with family and friends as well as baptize Tate.  Jack and I haven’t been home since last summer, my husband hasn’t been to his parents’ house during the summer since they have lived there (over 5 years), and Tate is going to meet his extended family for the first time.  We are very excited to say the least.

In the past, I always dreaded the airplane ride with a child.  Jack is not one to sit still longer than a second, especially in a confined space.  I’m hoping this year that he will actually enjoy the flight and want to learn all about the airplane.  Luckily, Daddy will be along for the ride. The past three summers he has been deployed and we are so happy to have him with us this year.  I hope we can time it right, so that Tate will sleep during the flight.

Now that we have two kiddos, traveling means twice as much stuff and double the duty.  We are now a little more experienced with things we need and things we don’t need.  I’m hoping not to pack the entire house, but I’m sure the luggage will be overstuffed just enough that we’ll meet the weight limit by an ounce.  Thank goodness Southwest doesn’t charge extra!

Stay tuned for fun stories about our trip home!

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