Introducing the Bed Fairy

Bedtime is interesting in our house.  There are nights that Andrew wants to put on his cowboy hat and dance around to music from cars (Life is a Highway and Real Gone are the main requests) before he’s willing to think about bed.  Or he wants to hide a million times from the daddy monster who is coming to tickle him.  Like I said, we have some interesting bedtime rituals.

Andrew has started getting up in the middle of the night and wandering into our room.  He somehow has figured out how to escape from bed, open his door and open ours. He’s pretty quiet about it, but it’s pretty freaky to wake up out of a dead sleep to see two huge eyes staring out at you from the other side of the bed.  The other night it scared me so badly I started screaming, which of course, made Andrew start bawling his eyes out, and it took us both the better part of an hour to get calm down enough to get back to sleep.

I was telling my friend about this and she nodded in the “been there, done that” kind of way.  Then she said, “You need a bed fairy.”  Never having heard of one of those before, I asked what it was and where I could get one. “I created her.  My daughter sometimes still does the same thing.  So I created Bella the Bed Fairy.  If Taylor (who is now 4) stays in her own bed all night long, Bella comes to visit and leaves her presents.”  The presents were whatever she could pick up cheaply – silly putty, stickers, a pen, ANYTHING to keep her kid in bed.

So I got home from work last night and told Andrew that I had received a visit from Bob the Bed Fairy. (Terribly creative name, I know.  But I figured he likes Bob the Builder.  He’d probably like Bob the Bed Fairy.)  I went on to explain that Bob heard how Andrew didn’t like to stay in bed at night and that he promised to come and leave Andrew a present if he stayed in bed all night.  Andrew put one hand on his hip and said, “Mommy.  What you talkin’ ‘bout?”

My guy’s a hard sell on some things… So then I told him that his girlfriend Taylor gets visits from Bob’s friend Bella if SHE stays in bed all night.  That got Andrew.  “I don’t want cars, mommy.  Can Bob bring me books?” he asked.   SURE sweetheart.  Bob can bring all kinds of things.

This morning, Andrew came into our room around 7, looking upset.  “Mommy.  Bob the Bed Fairy didn’t leave present.”  (What can I say? He got up before I could sneak into his room.)  So I quickly ran in, slipped something under his pillow and asked Andrew if he had checked under his pillows.  He threw his toys on the ground and excitedly climbed up onto his bed, throwing the pillows to the ground.  “SILLY BANDS?  BOB GIVE ME SILLY BANDS! I WANT A BOOK!”

Oops.  Guess we have to stock up on some books… but if that’s what it takes, Bob can leave Andrew many, many books and we can all get some sleep!

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2 Responses to “Introducing the Bed Fairy”

  1. a grandma Says:

    Maybe Bob could leave LIBRARY books on loan…that he can loan to other good children, too…?

  2. Friday Mom Says:

    Grandma: A very good suggestion. Andrew brings all his prizes into day care with him so he can share them with all the kids there. But I don’t think he’d go for actually giving the books up and Bob doesn’t really want to spend all his money on overdue library fees 🙂

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