The Perfect Pumpkin

Jack was invited to a birthday party that was held at a local Pumpkin Patch.  He was so excited for this party; for the fall fun and for the cupcakes.  I was excited for the party as well since I has been planning on making a visit to the pumpkin patch anyway.

We arrived at the party and the first thing Jack spotted was the large pumpkin bounce house.  I swear those things are a magnet to him.  It never fails that he will get a least two bruises when he is finally done bouncing.  That particular time he came out with six.  I know he loves them and his huge smile makes it so hard to cut his time short.  Luckily, there were many other activities for him to participate in.  There were sack races, (pretend) horse races, pony rides, a corn maze and our favorite was the hay ride.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing shy of 85 degrees here.  With the heat and the bright sun, it was hard to get into the fall mode.  We took a short hay ride and arrived at the “patch.”  This year the drought was so bad that all the pumpkins the farm grew died and withered away.  The farm had to buy store bought pumpkins and scatter them over their fields for the children to pick.  Pretty funny if you ask me, but what else do you do when you have several birthday parties to prepare for?  The kids had a blast and didn’t notice.

As we walked out to the patch, Jack stopped me and specifically told me, “Mommy, I need to find the perfect pumpkin.”  He quickly turned around and ran to find the most perfect pumpkin of them all.  He searched and searched and finally found the best one.  He was so excited to show his father and me that he ended up tripping in the field and landed yet another bruise.  Boys will be boys, right?

It melts my heart to see Jack so happy. He will forever be my “perfect pumpkin.”

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