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When I was growing up, my dad wanted my sister and me to play sports. Even though baseball was (and still is) like religion in my family, we still had a choice. We could do whatever we wanted so long as it was a team sport.

He told us playing on a team was important and would teach us a lot… how to work with others, be part of a team, help others succeed without needing to be a superstar ourselves. (See dad, I really did listen.)

From the time my sister and I were old enough to hold a bat without tipping over, we played baseball. Sure, there were other sports. Field hockey for me. Just about every sport except soccer for Alli.

Last week, they started a sports program at Andrew’s day care. I checked it out online but, really, let’s be honest. There was only one real question that I wanted answered.

Will my son like this?

I asked one of his teachers, who has been with Andrew off and on since he was 4 months old. Without hesitation, she told me Andrew would love it. I wrote them a check that day…

Yesterday Andrew had his first Amazing Athletes class. Each week, they teach them different skills and sports. They had the little kids running around outside through ladder drills. The rungs were painted different colors and Andrew proudly told us that he raced through the ladder super fast, while NOT TOUCHING THE BROWN RUNGS. (Actually it came out like “bwown ones,” but you get the point.)

Then they taught the kids how to throw a football. They haven’t progressed to catching yet, so the kids were all throwing into a net. Andrew put on his “I’m so smart” voice and sagely told us that to throw a football you have to put your fingers on the white lines (aka the laces) not the brown part. If you put your hands on the white part, the ball goes further.

It’s amazing what this kid picks up. But that’s not the point… The point is that he’s playing sports, having a great time and developing a love of sports. (And, yes dad, learning all those important lessons about teams while will be so useful to him throughout his life.)

But if Andrew decides football is his sport rather than baseball, someone’s going to need to teach me the game. Any volunteers?

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