All week Jack’s school has been doing nothing but preparing for Halloween. Every day when I pick him up he has a new piece of artwork relating to the holiday.  He tells me how much he loves Halloween and can’t wait for the “tricks and treats.”  He has a big party on Thursday that I hope to attend.

We pass by several houses on our way to and from school that are decorated with spooky things.  He gets so excited every time we pass by and shouts, “mommy, look at those giant blow up pumpkins, or look at that icky spider.”  It’s so cute to hear him get so excited, but starting to get repetitious when I see a giant yard ornament and the next second Jack will shout out what it is.  Next it will be turkeys and then Santa Clauses… oh my!

This year Jack is going to be a Ninja!  His father found the costume when he was deployed last year and visited Singapore.  It’s a cute little outfit, complete with the hat and long dark braid.  Jack is excited about it and has even mastered his ninja kicks and punches.  He has been given specific directions NOT to kick or punch anything or anyone.  Tate is going to be a pumpkin because he is my lil’ pumpkin.  My husband and I haven’t decided on a costume yet.  We better hurry up and think of something before the weekend arrives.

I look forward to seeing all the little kiddies dressed up in their favorite costumes.  I hope you and your families have a wonderful Halloween!

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