Where did the time go?

From Jaime – Friday Mom:
It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than half way through December. It’s harder to believe that next week this time, I’m going to be in Florida, where I hope it will be far less frigid than it is in New Jersey right now. But the hardest to believe is that my little guy is going to be THREE next week.

How did he get so old? (How did I get old enough to have a three year old?) Of course, he’s been telling everyone who asks that he is three and a half. The half is VERY important to him, even though he isn’t actually that age.

It’s like he is in such a big hurry to grow up. I’m not. I love when he falls asleep clutching my finger in his hand. Or comes running over to me, throwing his arms around my neck and buries his head in my hair just to say “I love you mommy.”

So next week, we’ll be celebrating in style – with Mickey Mouse – and hopefully some warm weather. Until then, I think we’re just going to try to stay warm.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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