Mini Get-Away

Last week I left Brady for a business trip. Now, let me start by saying, this was my FIRST trip that wasn’t consumed entirely by work. So my first instinct was to take Brady along. Did I mention… it was in Disneyworld? But with our custody still in limbo, I wasn’t sure if he would be allowed to attend or not, since it would have been daddy’s weekend – if he had more custody by this point. So I decided to leave him home for 48 hours and take a relaxing trip.

I can’t believe I am actually going to write this… but I don’t think I missed him that much. I spend a lot of time with Brady: 1-1 having date nights out, play dates in, etc.. I only really missed him on Friday, as I saw him Thursday until 10am and Saturday after 8pm. But still, I had expected to miss him so very much.

I went to the company’s lovely anniversary dinner (and had a delicious dinner, in a fancy dress, with adult conversation). I also learned that “Still Water” is another term for water in a bottle ~ possibly Spring water, maybe just plain old tap water. I looked around the shops on my own with no little person to watch. I took showers in peace. And I generally enjoyed my time. Yes, I saw other families at Downtown Disney (where we spent most of our free time). And yes, I did start to plan a family vacation to the same spot. But this time, it was a Melissa vacation. A little getaway from all of the crazy stress that is going on in my life right now. And flying minus the 4-year old, wow ~ what a relaxing experience.

Then I got home. I should mention at this point that Brady did stay at his own home with his grandparents (my parents) who live at my house. So he did fine. But when I saw him, my heart hurt a little bit and I realized that I missed him now. Now that I was back home looking at that little face, curly hair, and mischievous smile – my heart felt enlarged and a smile spread across my face. That huge hug that I received made up for the many temper fights he threw few just days before. So in a way, I think that going away for a few days (even 48 hours), really makes you more relaxed as a parent, rejuvenates your soul for the next round of parenting challenges, and makes for one happy and “ready to play” mama.

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