As you read this, I’m probably chasing my son through Disney World. He’s a big boy now, so he thinks he doesn’t need to hold my hand. He’s wrong; he just doesn’t know it yet.

A large segment of the family traveled to Florida at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning. It was a mass celebration for Andrew’s third birthday and my grandmother’s…well, she probably wouldn’t want me mentioning her age…so we’ll just say her birthday. And what better place to celebrate a birthday than Disney World?

Okay… some of us have their doubts about the wisdom of this plan. Andrew is not good on lines and likes to run off in a crowd. Maybe he’ll freak out when he sees Mickey Mouse in real life. Maybe he’ll throw a fit over the lines. But I’m hopeful he won’t, and that he will have an amazing time.

I loved going to Disney as a kid, and I still love it as an adult. It’s been years since I have been back, and I’m looking forward to my favorite rides, characters, sites and foods. Hey, I can’t help it that the Dole Whip stand is my favorite place to eat in the Magic Kingdom. (Or was. I’ll be severely disappointed if they don’t have it anymore and I can’t get my pineapple sorbet swirled with vanilla frozen yogurt)

Regardless of whether Andrew gets cranky over lines (or I get cranky over the loss of my favorite snack), what’s important is that we’re together. Isn’t that what celebrations are all about anyway?

Merry Christmas.
Happy birthday to my little guy.
And to anyone who isn’t celebrating Christmas or Andrew’s birthday today, happy Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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