No School – Woo Hoo

When I realized that Brady’s preschool was closed for 17 days over the holidays, I had mixed emotions. Okay, maybe I even panicked a little bit. How would I get my work hours completed? Would he get bored? Would he get out of the habit of going to school? And other thoughts crossed my mind. We had a definite routine established.

Here we are past the halfway mark, with his birthday and Christmas behind us and I have to say I have a new child. I have heard many friends grumble about having their children home for extended vacations, and having to entertain their bored little ones. But Brady has been a slice of heaven. His entire demeanor has changed since out of school: he is more obedient, less anxious, less mouthy, my old “angel” has returned.

One has to wonder, is school causing Brady to misbehave and be mouthier overall? Or is it possibly the influence of other students? I am honestly not sure. There are so many other factors. I know his friends at preschool, and I really don’t think it is the school. I think the issue is more the home. The main difference now is downtime. My son seems to need an unusual amount of downtime. He still sleeps 12-13 hours each night and enjoys lying around and cuddling with books a lot.

Now don’t get me wrong, little man can have LOTS of energy also. But I think this week has taught me that one thing I need to provide Brady with, is simply more downtime to enjoy life, his home, his books, and his mama. I also wonder if 4 days of school each week is too much, at this point I can’t afford to change it: as those are my working hours. But at least I can work on slowing down his schedule before and after school. I guess we all need to take more time to stop and smell the roses. Not that roses are blooming in Pennsylvania in December, but take time this week to just enjoy the quiet (or noise) and spend some 1-1 time with your kid. You wont regret it – I promise!

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