Home Sweet Home

It’s New Years Eve. I could take the easy way out on this post and write about my new year’s resolutions or something like that. Or about how much the new year’s celebrations have changed since we became parents.

But I’m not.

Maybe you were affected by the blizzard that ravaged the east coast earlier in the week. Hopefully you weren’t. But my family was supposed to fly back from Florida Monday afternoon – you know, when Newark was totally closed down.

By the time they got around to canceling our flight, the earliest we could have gotten a flight back into Newark was January 1. Thanks to my dad’s insane travel schedule and the crazy number of miles he accumulated this year, we actually were able to get ourselves on a flight the following day. It was into DC, but from there we planned to take a short train ride home.

Except it took almost an hour for them to get our bags off the plane, which meant we didn’t get to Union Station on time. All the other trains were booked and we had to spend the night in our 3rd hotel in 2 days.

Traveling like that was hard for me – and I’m 32. I was cranky. I was tired. I was hungry. And I just wanted to spend the night in my own bed.

So imagine how hard it must have been for a 3 year old. One who is very active and loves to run around. One who was sick. Who was totally off his schedule. Who was hungry and tired and just wanted to be in one place so he could watch his “favorite movie” (“favorite” depended not on the day, but by the minute on this trip), while sipping COLD water straight from the bottle like a big boy.

We all had our moments to meltdown. Some of Andrew’s were horrific. I’m talking the embarrassing kind where your kid throws himself down on the ground, kicking and screaming with huge crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks. That had hubby declaring that we would NEVER take him out in public again.

But really, who could blame him? I wanted to do the same thing!

So I’m happy to say that we all survived the insanely long trip back. It’s good to be home!

Have a great weekend everyone. And, of course, I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.

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