Decorating the Nursery

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
Over the weekend, we finally moved Haley into her own room. We’ve been meaning to do so for a long time, but life always got in the way. We needed to paint, do a good carpet cleaning, and even move our own bedroom to make it all work. It’s finally all done and it’s very exciting!

We painted her room a very light blue. Who says it’s just for boys?! I have had a painting for a long time that I felt would be the perfect focal point for a baby’s room. It has tons of bright colors and I thought the pale blue would be a perfect background, kind of like the sky. It looks great. Haley’s cherry wood furniture also matches nicely.

Now it’s time to get accessories and additional décor, and here’s where I am trying to not go too crazy.  But it’s not easy. There is so much cute stuff out there, and it’s all too readily available to me on the internet. I’m eyeing wooden letters to spell out her name (naturally), a little, soft, pink lounge chair (she hates sitting), and hot pink curtains (why not?). Never mind the fact that these items mean absolutely nothing to her. By the time she’s old enough to truly care about her room, we will have moved someplace else. But it makes me happy.

My parents helped me paint the room, and we talked about my dad painting my room pink right after I was born and still in the hospital. My brother, who was a toddler at the time, sat on a paint can and watched. I don’t remember my room being pink (the earliest I can recall, there was flowery wall paper), but I’ve heard the story a million times. Haley’s room may not mean much to her now, but one day, the care I put into it will.

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