Separation Anxiety?

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Our lovable but often stubborn son, Tate, has been showing signs of separation anxiety when I drop him off at Preschool. This is a recent development that appeared after he returned to school following his long holiday break.  Weeks later, I am concerned he is still apprehensive about going to school.

Tate’s Preschool has a great curriculum and structure that helped our oldest son when he transitioned to Kindergarten.  I am confident the school is not the problem. Up until now, he would barely let me kiss him goodbye before running off to play with a friend.  Every now and again, Tate will stay home with me and we will have a special day together.  We’ll go out to lunch or play at the park.  In the last year and a half, he’s never showed signs of school refusal.  I don’t like to see him upset, but sometimes I wonder if his strong willed personality takes control.

When we arrive at drop off, Tate has a sad face with tear filled eyes and a quivering lower lip.  Thankfully, he isn’t screaming or throwing a tantrum.  It is a sight that tugs my heartstrings. However, I’ve learned over the years the quicker I’m out of sight the quicker he cheers up and gets over it.  When I return to pick him up he is smiling and telling me all about the fun activities he did at school.  His teacher assures me he is happy and enjoying school.  He tells me he loves school and his friends.

It’s a bit confusing seeing him so upset in the morning yet some days not wanting to leave in the afternoons.  I am sure it is just a phase brought on by the hours we spent together over break and recent snow days.  As my husband says, “Tate just loves his Mommy.”  Fortunately, I think he is right.

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