Sleeping Through The Night

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
After Thanksgiving, Hudson started to (mostly) sleep through the night. It’s awesome! He’s doing eight to ten hour stretches. He’s only two months old, so I feel very lucky. Haley did the same thing at eight weeks. But now that I’m a second time mom I’m smart enough to know this probably won’t last forever. It doesn’t matter—I’ll take what I can get.

Despite my ability to get a full night of sleep myself, I often feel fatigued. Every evening, I fall asleep quickly—something I never used to do. I sleep very soundly, another rarity for me in the past. I’m grateful that he doesn’t usually stir until after 6, but it takes an enormous amount of reserve and will get up and tend to him. In a couple of minutes I’ve adjusted to being awake and can face that it’s time to tend to the children. But it really feels like I could sleep many hours more.

I don’t know how long it will take to get over this tiredness. I slept poorly in late pregnancy and during the first few weeks of Hudson’s life, of course. It seems that it’s going to take me a while to recover. I’m sure as soon as I feel full well rested, he’ll regress and I’ll face sleepless nights once again—that’s always the way it goes! For now, I’m just going to embrace how good I’ve got it.

Wishing the rest of you a week full of rest!

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