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From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
After 12+ years of military service, my husband and I made the decision to get out of the Navy and off of active duty. He landed a job as a pilot with a major airline and starts his training this week. The boys and I are very happy for him and looking forward to this new way of life.

Although he has resigned from active duty, he will still be attached to the Navy Reserve Unit with his old squadron here in Mississippi. He can still fly for the Navy, part time, and enjoy the nice military benefits.

Once our friends learned my husband has new job, they immediately asked when and where we would be moving. I would love to move right away, but it looks like we’ll stay put for a while, making our transition to this new life a little easier. We like our school district and we want to minimize the impact on our children. We want to do as much research as possible before we relocate because it will possibly be the last move we do until the boys are in college. We are trying to avoid rushing and risk having to move again.

My husband has done several deployments away from us before, but not in recent years. Now he will be traveling extensively again with his new job. The adjustment with him being away is going to be tough – along with the demands of being a single parent for weeks at a time, but I’m up for the challenge. Face time will be our best friend. The boys and I look forward to boarding our first flight with, “First Officer Daddy.” The world is our playground.

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