Oh Christmas Tree?!?!

From Friday Mom – Erin:
Rory is afraid of our Christmas tree. We put it up last Sunday afternoon during his nap. We strung the lights on Monday evening, and we are hoping to put the ornaments on tonight. (Can you tell life is busy around here. . . ) But, try as we might, he still does not like to walk past the tree. He insists upon being carried up and down the stairs because the tree is waiting at the bottom of the stairs, and he asks to be picked up the moment he gets home from daycare with his daddy because the tree is just inside the front door.

We’re not entirely sure what we did wrong.

I think we may not have talked with him enough in advance about the fact that we’d be putting a 7 foot evergreen into his living room for a month. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that it seems so tall compared to his little 34-inch self. We’re not sure what, exactly, it is that he doesn’t like about it, but we’re finding ourselves wondering whether he’ll get over it in time for Santa to arrive.

So far, we’ve talked to him about how pretty it is, let him touch the branches, and talked about how it cannot hurt him. We point out decorated houses with great enthusiasm when we are out and about, and we discuss the tree with that same overjoyed tone.

Occasionally, he seems indifferent. Yesterday morning, for example, he walked down the stairs, past the tree, and into the kitchen for breakfast without batting an eye. We’re hoping that becomes the norm sooner rather than later. Luckily, we have a comfy couch in the family room if we end up having to move all of the presents out from underneath the tree. . . let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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