Muffins with Mom

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
The letter of the week is “M” in Tate’s class. The Pre-K teachers invited all moms to their fun event, “Muffins with Mom.” We were pampered and shared a special morning with our children. We were served muffins, fruit, various beverages, and more muffins. It was a delicious breakfast spread.

The boys and girls have been looking forward to this event all week. They painted a picture of their mommy and made us a silly placemat. The placemat consisted of sentences that they filled in answers to. For example: Mommy’s favorite color is… red. Mommy’s favorite food is… a cheeseburger. Mommy is as pretty as… a princess. Mommy’s favorite thing to do is… take pictures. It was funny. I guess I might need to lay off with the camera. Tate and I ate our muffins and enjoyed our morning together.

Next, Tate got to work on his scrapbook page to document our special day. He lined the border of the page with stickers…lots of stickers. It looked great, and he was happy with his work. We got our picture taken together for the page, as well, and handed it in to his teacher.

I enjoyed eating muffins and socializing with Tate and his friends. The teachers are sweet to host this little event, and I’m thankful Tate gets to participate in these fun little activities.

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