Holiday Hoopla

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Wow, it’s hard to believe Christmas is just a day away. We’ve been very busy attending many holiday events. We had school programs, the community Christmas parade, Santa’s lap, baking cookies, shopping, wrapping gifts, and driving around looking at Christmas lights and a few other holiday activities. We are finally ready to celebrate this joyous holiday, Christmas.

The boys start every morning by finding “Zack,” our family elf, who reports to Santa nightly regarding the boys behavior. We are lucky to still have two Santa believers. Jack is 7, so we know this might be the last year our kids finish their dinner to please a stuffed elf. Our boys are growing up, but we love giving them the kind of Christmas that we remember as kids, full of love and memories.

Every year we go to the Christmas eve church service, and afterwards we get a huge meal of Chinese takeout and watch the movie, “The Christmas Story”. The boys get to wear their special Christmas pajamas and their dad reads “The Night Before Christmas,” before bedtime. The boys write a note to Santa to leave with his milk and cookies. It is a unique way to spend Christmas Eve, but it is our family tradition and we love it.

Whatever your family does for the holidays, I hope you enjoy it in the company of family and friends. Merry Christmas!


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