Separation Anxiety

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
It’s inevitable, when you have a baby, to deal with some amount of anxiety when Mother and Baby cannot be together. In a few days, I’m going on my first trip without Hudson. I am not sure how he will handle it—but I am an absolute wreck! He’s staying with his grandparents, so yes—he will be taken care. He will also be continually with his second favorite person in the world, his sister Haley. But I know he will miss his mother, especially the nursing aspect of our relationship. He’s been improving at taking the bottle in the last few weeks, and I’m sure he will do even better, out of pure necessity, when I’m not there. But just because he will be fine physically doesn’t mean I will be fine emotionally.

My trip is for pleasure, and I’m so excited to spend time with dear friends. I also can’t wait to sleep all night, uninterrupted in a comfy hotel bed! It will be nice to have an adult break. Yet I’m still conflicted about going. Rest and relaxation are crucial for a busy mom to recharge. But surely I could live without it. Is it worth Hudson’s potential upset? Then I remind myself that it’s only two days. But do I really need two days to myself? I go back and forth a lot. The reality is that the tickets are booked and this trip is happening. I just hope I can calm my neurosis enough to enjoy the trip. Wish me luck!

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