Sing Your Heart Out

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Tate loves music. He is always tapping his toes, dancing, or snapping his fingers to the beat. He will go from grumpy to cheery just hearing the intro to an upbeat song. His teacher told me, on more than one occasion, how much she enjoys watching Tate in music class. He loves to sample instruments, hum tunes, and learn motions to songs.

It’s no surprise to me that Tate’s new pastime is singing in the shower. He will sing for days in there if we let him. He happily sings songs he learned at school, heard on the radio, or lately, Christmas carols. He doesn’t like to know anyone is listening, so Jack, my husband and I, all keep our distance from the bathroom door, but listen from the adjacent room at how funny he can be. Sometimes he’ll sing his heart out, and other times he pretends he’s different animals singing. It’s the sweetest thing to listen to especially when it took me a solid ten minutes to convince him bathing is a good idea.

Although our water bills are gradually climbing, I think it’s great Tate is using his musical interest to bellow out his tunes. Surprisingly, he doesn’t like an audience while singing, but with his entertaining abilities, that soon may change. Perhaps Santa should bring him a microphone.

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