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The last few days, the weather was quite unseasonably warm in New York City. We’re talking record-breaking. We’re talking no jacket outside—in December. We’re usually shoveling our walks by now! The temperate atmosphere was wonderful. We hit the playground, took the kids to the zoo, and went for long family walks. It was glorious to get out of our apartment and not be freezing.

Not every moment was perfectly picturesque, though. At one point we thought it would be a fun treat to eat out for lunch. At the restaurant, our usually well-behaved daughter flat-out refused to give up her seat next to her brother, making feeing him and tending to him quite arduous. For some reason, she could not be convinced and the situation grew increasingly ridiculous. There were some raised voices at our table and stares coming from others. You could almost hear the thought bubbles from other parents: “Thank goodness that’s not us!”

I try to take those moments in stride, but to tell you the truth; sometimes they just really tick me off! I know I should be patient and understand that kids have their fussy and stubborn moments. But I’m not always good at it. I feel frustrated. I think about how well behaved I was as a child, and I feel like maybe I’m doing something wrong since I don’t always inspire the same results with my kids. I guess while Haley learns how to behave better, I’ll also be learning how to parent better.

As much as I have self-doubts as a parent, I’m comforted by the simple truth that my children are incredibly happy and most of the time, awfully sweet. As we face the New Year, we’ll keep working on ourselves and work on functioning better as a family unit.

Have a great week!

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