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From Monday Mom – Neetika:
If my kids had their way, all they would ever eat would be the three P’s: Pizza, Pasta and Pancakes. They’re devoted pioneers of the high carbohydrate movement. Some goldfish crackers here, some apple slices there, and Haley and Hudson are content. Well, I’m glad someone is, because their shared lack of nutritional balance drives me crazy.

Don’t get me wrong; we have good days. Hudson will devour the grilled chicken I make for dinner or Haley will try and enjoy the avocado she has at a friend’s house. Yet it always feels like such a struggle. I am constantly tabulating in my mind—where have their calories come from lately; what are they missing?

So many parents and feeding experts tell you the same thing: keep offering. But you know what? It is hard to keep preparing steamed broccoli, baked pork chops and mashed potatoes and watch them sit uneaten. As much as we all in the family should be “eating the same thing,” sometimes their dad and I are eating things that just don’t suit them for various reasons. There is no point in trying to force Haley to try a spicy yellowtail roll—none.

Truthfully, my kids aren’t as picky as others. Their willingness to explore new dishes basically depends on the moods that they’re in. I may not be perfect every day, but when I have the will, I do cook those foods that will remain uneaten, because I know exposure is key. If you stare at a bowl of cheese-topped chili long enough, you are bound to want to try it at some point! I just need to keep dishing it up and hope that at some point—fingers crossed—the mood will strike.

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