Merry Christmas!

From Friday Mom – Erin:
Watching the holidays through the eyes of your young children is a truly, truly magical thing.  We’ve been so busy over the past month that we haven’t been able to partake of too many “extra” holiday affairs, but the glow on Rory’s face (and sometimes Charlotte’s) while we’ve undertaken the few choice things we have done has been a terrific sight to behold.

From helping daddy pick out a tree to helping me make break-n-bake cookies, his enthusiasm for the holiday has been infectious.  He’s still talking about going to see Santa, and he LOVES opening his Advent calendar gifts each morning.  We’ve even been able to milk Santa’s naughty and nice list for a few spells of better than usual behavior, too.

On Christmas eve morning, we sat down to create what ended up being a fairly homely looking gingerbread house.  It was the second year in a row and is becoming our little Christmas eve tradition.  His focus is remarkable, and his excitement for placing the little fruit candies in precisely the right place is almost too much to bear.

Of course there will be presents– in multiple rounds.  But as Linus will tell you, that is not what Christmas is all about.  For me, right now, this Christmas is about creating and keeping the magic alive for two young children whom I love with my whole self.  Whatever the tradition– whether extravagant or simple–we are loving sharing traditions of our own childhoods, and creating new ones as a family.  And I am looking forward to sharing the new and old with our extended family this weekend.



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