Bah Hum-Bugs

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, so the last thing anyone wants for Christmas is a virus. Our household started the season off miserable. The boys were both sick with a nasty cold that I eventually caught, too. I got it last, but I got the worst of it. My husband was out of town for several days, so I had to keep the household running, which was no easy task. Thankfully, the boys healed more quickly than I did.

I had many things to get done while the boys were in school, but getting some rest took priority. I missed events at school that I really wanted to attend, but I didn’t want to spread my germs. It was a bummer, but completely out of my control. Jack and Tate were very understanding, and I think they appreciated that I stayed home . Fortunately, I still have a few days to play catch up before Christmas.

The good news is we’re all on the mend and getting back into the holiday spirit with cookie baking, holiday lunch with friends, wrapping gifts, and caroling through the neighborhood. I’m thankful to be relatively healthy this holiday season and spending the remainder of the year with loved ones.

Happy Holidays to all!

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