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I’m going to admit it right here: I regularly take my kids to McDonald’s. I know these days that’s not a statement you hear very often among people who consider themselves to be responsible, caring parents. Of course, most of the time, I’m feeding them healthy, balanced meals prepared at home. But I have to come clean: we go to ‘fast food’ several times a week.

My kids aren’t the greatest eaters in the world when we’re not home, but we can count on McDonald’s. They adore the pancakes. They’ll happily eat the chicken nuggets. They’re both fans of the French fries. They happily sip chocolate milk—and if they’re really lucky—chocolate shake!

Obviously, we almost always head to a McDonald’s with a children’s play area. Even when Haley criticizes some of the offerings (she could give you a full critique of every play area within a fifteen mile radius), she always loves being in an area designated for kids only. She’ll play happily for as long as I let her.

And let’s not forget about the Happy Meal toys. Even though I think most of them can be firmly placed in the category I call “plastic garbage” the kids always love the toys and are amused am proud to have something new. Sometimes when you’re a mom just trying to get through the day, that’s all you need.

I know “haters gonna hate” when in comes to Mickey D’s. But it’s been a great option for our family. I don’t see skipping it any time soon!

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