Indian Summer

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
The weather has been just lovely in the Northeast this fall. I don’t remember a year in which we were heading into November with consistently sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies. No matter what the weather does, I’ve learned, someone will complain about it! I’ve talked to so many people frustrated that it’s not getting cooler. I look at these folks like they’re crazy– because they are! Cold and snow and blustering winds will come at some point. It’s inevitable. Let’s enjoy these temperate days while they last, I say.

I am appreciating every one. It’s great that the kids are getting to play outside throughout Autumn. And I really love not having to bundle them up. It’s also not so sunny that we have to slather on sunblock. We’re in the sweet spot! Soon enough, I’ll have to secure winter hats to little heads who aren’t having it, spend way too much time searching for missing mittens, and zip up heavy coats just to take them off minutes later when it’s time to get into the car seat. For now, we just have to get shoes on and maybe throw on a cardigan before we head out the door. I’ll take it!

Yet it’s an important lesson for children and adults alike. Most things in this world are temporal. Seasons change, we change and our lives continue to change. All we can do is enjoy every day and appreciate it for what it is.

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