From Monday Mom – Neetika:
Well, the GrowUpLearning blog is coming to an end and it’s time to say our goodbyes. I can’t believe it’s been just about seven years since I became a parent and began chronicling my experience in these posts. Come to think of it, not only has writing for the blog been extremely rewarding personally, it’s been the longest, continuous professional role of my career!

I’ve learned a great deal about writing, motherhood, and how to use writing to share the experience of motherhood in a meaningful way. I’ve also loved reading the posts from my fellow contributors. It’s helped me feel less alone in this difficult, unrelenting job. I can only hope that my musings have done the same for other moms and dads out there.

I’m enormously grateful to the team at The Source for Learning, particularly my editor David Shively. David, thank you so much for this opportunity. You could not have been more supportive as a boss and a friend. I will always appreciate it.

I hope that through this blog, we’ve been able to empathize, laugh at ourselves, and enjoy each day of parenthood—even when it’s far from easy. Even when we feel alone, there is always a community of love and support out there—people who “get it” and understand exactly what you’re going through. We’re always growing and learning together.

Love Always,

Monday Mom

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