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I Have An Addict Here!

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

From Monday Mom – Melissa:
Last year we purchased a family gift: a Wii. Back then, Brady (just 4) did a few of the sport games: mainly bowling. He also beat us all!! Now at nearly 5, he has mastered a few other games, including Super Mario. It is hilarious to watch him play. While I am not a big fan of video games, Brady REALLY gets into it and uses his entire body to jump on those mushrooms, fight the turtles, and earn those coins. He jumps, he squeals, he runs to the left, runs to the right, and puts a lot of energy into his Mario game. However, I started to realize that as soon as he woke up, he would ask to play Super Mario. After school he would ask to play Super Mario. Any down time, he would want Mario Time! I realized that this little boy was addicted.

That is when the kitchen timer came to the rescue. His TV viewing is limited to 30 minutes per day. So I have given him 30 minutes of “Mario Time” now too. Most days he skips TV watching, just because he prefers trains and his other toys (thank goodness). But there are rarely days he misses his 30 minutes of Mario Time. And can I be perfectly honest… I think I am a little addicted too. Brady was in the shower last week, and where was his mama? Right outside the room on the TV… playing Mario!! Shhh – don’t tell Brady!!

Boxes and Boxers and Boxing!

Monday, April 26th, 2010

When Brady was an infant and toddler, he LOVED to play with boxes. Boxes became tunnels, houses, coloring boards, and much more. We built forts, murals, and lots of fun items. It is funny because I would buy the nice presents and the BOXES were what excited him, not the gift. If only life could STAY that simple!

Now as a preschooler, he still enjoys boxes, but also boxers and boxing. As we are potty training (and having MUCH success), Brady has discovered the joys of wearing boxer briefs. Thankfully we found some favorite brands, daddy wears the same kind of underwear, and Brady thinks he is COOL in his boxer briefs. So Brady finally seems to care about pooping in the potty – halleluiah!

He is also really into the Wii that mamaw and papa got us all for Christmas as a family gift. He used to love bowling and baseball. Now he has moved on to a new “B” word – boxing. It is very “safe” and non-gory, so I feel comfortable allowing him to play with it (and even playing it with him). So we box together. It is cute, he is starting to sing that song “I’m Gonna Knock You Out” (with an added pow-pow). Then “Mama Said Knock you Out.” Don’t worry, I sing along and knock him out too. Virtual boxing is safe, a great workout, and a hoot.