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Friday, October 6th, 2017

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Tate signed up for the “Lil’ Dribblers,” his school’s second grade basketball skills team. The club develops hand/eye coordination, patterning skills, and teamwork. Students learn choreographed group dribbling skills and perform for a variety of audiences, such as local high schools and even a nearby university.

Tate came straight home and hand delivered the club sign up sheet to me, insisting he join. Tate started practicing this week. He is excited to learn something new with his friends. If I can’t find him in the house, I can hear the bouncing basketball in our driveway. He is working on his skills, and loves to show us his progress.

I’m excited to see the second graders perform. I’m sure they will do better than I ever could. I can only image the patience required of the PE teacher who teaches about fifty second grade students how to dribble basketballs and perform skills and tricks. The noise and sight of basketballs flying around must be mind-boggling. I’m glad Tate is having fun, and happy he is learning about a new sport.

Feelings of Frustration

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Jack started a new soccer season this week. I signed him up for a skills camp, like he did last year. The players have practice every night this week, and then play a mini tournament on Saturday. They learn all kinds of new skills and techniques during the week and show them off during their tourney.

Jack loves playing soccer. He has improved immensely over the last few years. My husband and I love cheering for him and his team at games. The games get intense and so does Jack. This isn’t the little Jack who used to stop kicking the ball and wave hello to his mommy anymore. With soccer come speed, aggression, and fancy footwork in his age group.

This season, Jack moved up an age group. When I watched him practice the last several nights, I can tell he is frustrated. He told me the other kids are “so much better” than he is. Jack is definitely feeling the pressure to compete with the older kids who have more experience. We discussed the importance of staying positive and practicing his heart out. Jack is the type of kid who feels defeated if he doesn’t get it right the first time. He is a competitive perfectionist who gets deflated when he isn’t. As a parent, I try to be supportive by encouraging him, and helping him realize gradual improvements through practice.

I hope Jack’s enthusiasm for soccer survives this season. I know he will do well with practice and coaching, I just hope Jack feels the same way. Competition is not easy.  Jack’s hard work today, in stifling heat and humidity, will pay off this season. I just want to see a smile back on Jack’s face sooner rather than later.

Swim Team

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
This spring I teamed up with two other moms who are friends of mine to coordinate our neighborhood swim team. Two of us had kids on the team last year, and I knew it would be very involved. My other friend came into this job completely blind. We all volunteered for this position to make sure the kids even had a team this year. We worked hard to get everything ready for the start of swim season. We didn’t get any formal training, but we managed to pull off our first away swim meet without any major dilemmas.

This week, we’re hosting our first home swim meet. We’re happy to host at our own pool, but it also makes things even more complicated. We need more volunteers, parking assistance, concession, and logistical support. Asking for help is no easy task. I appreciate all the other parents who bend over backwards to donate their time and energy into something fun for the neighborhood kids. I hope the stars align so that we are ready for the meet Thursday.

Despite my personal stress from coordinating the swim team, Jack and Tate are having a blast. That’s what keeps me working hard to make this season fun. They performed well at their first meet, and they are hoping to better their times this week. I’m not sure if they like the ribbons more or the doughnuts more at Friday morning practice. Either way, they are both very motivated. As long as everyone is having fun, I’m committed to the whole process. I hope our meet goes smoothly this week and everybody has fun.

Pool Time

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
The temperature and humidity are creeping up here in Georgia. I’m ready for pool season, but the oppressive heat of summer is right around the corner.

This Monday, our neighborhood pool opened for the summer. Jack and Tate immediately jumped up and down and begged to go swimming. After school, we headed to the pool. The boys did cannonballs, dove for toys, and practiced their strokes for the upcoming swim season. The water was too chilly for me, and eventually the boys’ lips turned blue. I sat back and watched the boys enjoying the water. It was amusing to watch them have fun.

My kids are finally at the point where I don’t have to hover over them in the pool. They can both swim and float with at least a bit of confidence. It is a great feeling. I still have the mom reflex to always keep an eye on them, but they are like little fish in the water.

My goal this summer is to get them as excited to put on sunscreen as they are about jumping in the pool. It is extremely important, especially since I recently had some skin procedures myself, to hammer into their brains the benefits of protecting their extremely fair skin. Wish me luck.

Running Club

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Jack recently joined the running club at school. It’s a very casual club; anyone interested can join. There is no pressure to meet a minimum requirement, but personal goals are encouraged. I think it’s great he found a fun way to get additional exercise.

Before school, Jack checks in with his teacher and then hits the field. He runs as little or as much as he wants to everyday. Each lap is recorded by a teacher. After 25 lap increments, each student get a certificate. The club is popular with Jack’s friends, and he wanted to join in the fun.

I never thought running was of interest to Jack, especially early in the morning, but I’m happy to see him try something new. He wants to get out the door quickly in the mornings so he can run. I think he mostly wants to see his friends, but that’s a good thing when fitness is involved. I hope he enjoys it and the competition to see who can run the farthest.


Soccer Stats

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Last weekend, the boys played their final soccer games of the season. When we started the season, it was late summer and extremely hot. Our kids would drink copious amounts of ice water and still overheat from playing in the sun. The season ended on a cloudy, cool and windy day. The players were shivering and their lips turned blue from the cold.

Jack had his best season yet. His game-play was better because of improvements in footwork, endurance, and understanding the rules of the game. Jack was fortunate to have a very knowledgeable coach this year. The coach is a former player himself, and his son plays on the high school soccer team. The coach’s son would help at practice and Jack loved playing with such an elite player. Jack’s team only lost one game all season, and we are proud of Jack and his teammates.

Tate’s season started out well, but quickly went downhill. Tate wasn’t putting forth as much effort as the season went on. I tried to be positive, but watching the games was painful. After a few pep talks about teamwork and doing your best, Tate had some good games and even scored a couple goals. However, by the end of the season, Tate announced that soccer wasn’t his thing. We accepted the fact that soccer isn’t his favorite. He let us know how he felt, and I’m proud he spoke his true feelings. We agreed that he should finish the season he started and not quit. Thankfully, Tate supported his team until the end of the season.

As busy as sport schedules are, I love watching my kids play. They are learning more and more each season and they always impress me with one of their new moves. I can’t wait for years of sports to come.

Olympic Spirit

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

From Friday Mom – Erin:
Rory has been watching the Olympics this week and loves it.  So far his favorites are men’s gymnastics and men’s synchronized diving.  But he loves it all.  We’ve watched cycling, swimming, water polo, a little beach volleyball, and even a little air rifle.  We’ve been taping the coverage ourselves each evening, and then keeping the footage for Rory to skim through the next evening.  I’ve been working late this week and missed a few of them, but when I arrived home tonight, I had a chance to watch a few swim races with him.

He is definitely fascinated by it, and likes sharing what he knows about each of the sports.  Sometimes he asks quizzical questions and other times he simply stares entranced.  And he loves pointing out the American flag and cheering for the USA.

I am sure Rory will take to some competitive sport in the future.  We’re not sure which, and we don’t really care.  But I can’t help wonder, while watching old home movies from some of the swimmers and other sports, what olympic dreams he may harbor in his youth, and what we’ll do as his parents to foster those.  I’m not saying I WANT to make him want that, I just want to be sure that if he dreams big, I’m ready to give him all I can to achieve those dreams.

“Eat my Bubbles”

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
I knew, before we moved, that our neighborhood has a swim team. My friend recommended it for my kids because her children absolutely love it. It’s a very casual, organized team that competes during the month of June.

I asked Jack if he was interested in joining the swim team. After thinking for a minute, he said he’d like to sign up. We moved to the neighborhood two days after swim practice started, which was a little confusing for our “new kid,” but he meshed well with his teammates and coach.

My husband was ecstatic that Jack wanted to join a swim, team since he was on one every summer as a kid. I was happy to find a new activity to get Jack involved in right away so he could meet new friends (and to give myself a chance to meet people as well.)

Jack practices every morning for an hour and has meets on Thursday evenings. Jack decided to watch the first meet so he could get a feel for the experience. He swam in the second meet last week and enjoyed every second. Although things were very chaotic, and we’re learning how to read the heat sheets, he enjoyed his first meet and even earned a third place ribbon. He is by no means a Michael Phelps, or the best on the team, but he is having a blast, and that is what counts.

Besides the ribbons, donuts, and games on Fridays, Jack truly enjoys the sport. He is getting great exercise, social interaction, learning the proper strokes, and gaining healthy competitive experiences. I’m not sure if he’ll stick with it, but whatever his choice may be, I support him 110%.

Grandparent Love

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Jack and Tate’s grandparents are visiting with us this week. It’s been a great week so far. The boys enjoy games, light saber battles, yard work, and learning to golf with their Pappy. Thankfully, the weather is beautiful and we can play outside. I appreciate the helping hands, conversation, and quality time with my parents.

We have a busy week ahead of us, and I’m glad my parents are here to take in all the excitement with us. We are looking forward to Field Day at the boys’ school. It’s a fun day for the students and parents. There are lots of activities and events, along with some chaos. Jack is coaching Tate on his first Field Day. I hope the 50-meter dash will be as exciting for Tate as the concession stand.

We enjoy talking to my parents on a regular basis, but Face Time doesn’t compare to the cuddles and laughter we share when we’re together. Their visits always seem to fly by. With the minimal time we all get to spend with one other, I love knowing the boys are making memories that will last their lifetime.

Mama Chauffeur

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
There are pros and cons to minivan ownership. The abundant space is the best perk. We love how much stuff we can put inside our van. It’s made packing for family vacations a breeze, hauling kids and sports equipment simultaneously possible, and the gas mileage is reasonable. I’m always a little embarrassed walking up to my mom-mobile, but once I fire her up, I’m truly happy with our purchase.

Now that both Jack and Tate are involved in sports, we’ve met many families with a similar schedule. For the time being, my kids play in the same soccer organization and they share fields at two complexes. It can still get dicey at times when my husband is out of town, but somehow it’s worked out. However, some parents have multiple children playing different sports at different locations during all times of the day and simply can’t manage to get everyone where they need to be on time. (I have my own opinions about this dilemma, but we’ll save that for another blog post.)

As of late, with sport seasons overlapping, I am everyone’s chauffeur. I’m thinking the minivan is a big red flag alerting everyone just how many people it can haul. At first, I felt a little hassled keeping up with the amount of text messages I’d receive daily asking if I could take this person to a practice, and then another text asking if I could bring these children home, and another one asking if I could pickup or take home their children from school. It was getting to the point where I was so concerned I would leave someone stranded, I had to constantly set reminders on my phone who I was taking when and where. Honestly, I started to become annoyed. After several weeks of helping out, I realized I was being selfish, and my friends were extremely thankful for the support. I put myself in their position and recognized I would be very appreciative for the support, as well.

Jack and Tate love when we have company riding in the minivan. It’s almost like a mini-play date. They catch up with a friend, or tell funny jokes. I also like the fact that they see how we’re helping out a parent/friend. I hope they will learn to return the favor. I know a time(s) will come soon where I will be the mom asking for help, so I am happy to assist while I have the extra time and the means to do so.