Today, Jack used the potty all by himself without any help from an adult! I never thought this day would come, but with great pride he/we have made yet another milestone.  This includes, pulling his pants down, going to the bathroom, pulling his pants up, flushing the toilet and washing his hands.  I can’t express enough how happy I am about this goal we have finally reached.  With school — where he has to be “fully” potty trained — starting in just four days, my nerves have calmed down. I have been a nervous wreck all summer about it.

I have written a few posts on this blog about Jack and his potty training updates.  I’m hoping this will be the last post I have to write.  It’s been months since we started this adventure, and it has slowly ended with success (as most training does).  All the bribing with candy, stickers and Thomas underwear really paid off. Let’s just hope I am not jinxing it as I write this.

There are dozens of ways to potty train your child. I have friends who used books, videos and methods from their friends. For us, putting him in underwear right away and letting him learn by accidents and accomplishments is what worked.  As a side note, Jack is still wearing a pull up at nap and bedtime. We are working on getting rid of the pull up all together.  Having another baby in diapers now isn’t easy on the bank account.

To everyone out there struggling with potty training: it WILL happen eventually.  I never believed it, but today I am boasting loudly that it’s finally my son’s turn!

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