Deep breaths…

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle
Ever have a moment when you think for once life is on track, things are getting crossed off the to-do list, kids are happy, and there isn’t a load of laundry that needs to be folded? Then BAM –  life gets flipped upside down?  Well, that was the case in our household this weekend.

Saturday started out to be a great day.  Finally some cooler weather arrived to make Jack’s soccer game bearable.  Also, a trip to the Pumpkin patch after the game excited the boys.  It was a busy afternoon, but fun for all.  Tate had a few symptoms of a cold, but nothing out of the ordinary.  My husband, Jack and I all had some sniffles earlier in the week, but it didn’t amount to much.  Later that night Tate started wheezing, and it rapidly got worse.  My husband and I thought it was best to take him to the ER.  These problems seem to only occur on weekend nights when there are no Doctor offices open, right?  We were hoping for him to get some type of medicine and return home.  Unfortunately, he was admitted to the hospital for at least a 24-hour monitoring session and possibly longer.

My husband and I quickly scrambled to find someone to watch Jack.  Being so far from family makes these scenarios even rougher.  We worked out the logistics and were able to be there for Tate at the hospital.  He received numerous breathing treatments, antibiotics and lots of love.  He turned the corner and was feeling much better.  We ended up leaving the hospital 36 hours later.  Phew, what a whirlwind.  Tate has been home from the hospital for a day now and is doing much better, thankfully.  My husband and I are trying to learn the best way to give breathing treatments and antibiotics with out making it a challenge every time.  Deep breaths and a lot of patience are the key.  Tate is a good sport and won’t let a breathing problem get in his way.

Life is getting back to normal, and our routine is slowly coming along.  My heart goes out to those families with life-threatening illnesses and the strength they have to get through each day.

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