Tate wanna a cracker

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Tate’s language skills have started to develop more and more lately.  He has a lot to say, but he uses his own language. He says a few recognizable words and a lot of babble.  It’s funny to watch him speak.  We saw family last weekend, and Tate spoke with authority on many important topics. We had no idea what he was saying, but we could tell he felt very strongly about what he was trying to say.

Finally –  today – he spoke some new words loud and clear.  “Cra-ka”, “mor cra-ka”.  He stood next to the cupboard with all the snacks and murmured these words.  Jack and I both heard it and at the same time and clapped in excitement for Tate.  Jack really wants his little brother to talk so Tate can understand what he says when they play.

As a mother, language means that Tate can tell me what is upsetting him or making him happy. As he grows older, the nuances of communication carry more meaning for both of us. I am looking forward to a grown up conversation with Tate someday, but for today I’m just glad to know Tate wanted a cracker.

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