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From Friday Mom – Erin:
We’ve been going through some serious separation anxiety around here lately. When I have dropped Rory off at daycare the past few days, he has really cried a lot when I have tried to leave. On two separate occasions, I’ve had to sit down and read a book with him before being able to leave.

He has also been reacting similarly in the mornings when I leave him with his daddy briefly so that I can set up his stroller outside. Even when I give him a kiss and promise that I’ll be right back, I can hear the cries downstairs and out the door.

As with most things developmental, knowing that his anxiety is perfectly normal doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Even on the mornings when I am in my biggest hurry to get to the office, I still linger out of sight at his daycare to make certain he calms down before heading on my way. As “normal” as it is for him to be upset, it really doesn’t get any easier to hear your little man cry so hard to see you go.

The flip side, I suppose, is that I have been getting some pretty fantastic smiles upon my arrival home each evening. And, when I can pry him away from his toys, some pretty great hugs, as well. Although I hope the tears subside soon, as long as I can end the day with smiles, I guess I’ll take that trade any day.

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