Slowly But Surely

From Friday Mom – Erin:
Good news! Rory’s transition to his new classroom at daycare is going much better than expected. He’s having a great time during the day, watching the older kids, partaking in new activities, and especially enjoying all the new toys and games in his new classroom. He’s even transitioned to napping in his cot reasonably well.

He comes home each day literally wearing evidence of the new, heightened levels of stimulation. Most days, he’s returned home in a completely new shirt, whether because he got his arts and crafts activity all over him, or because they’d been playing in kiddie pools on the playground and gotten extremely wet. While that means mommy is doing a little more laundry than usual, it also means the little guy is seeing and doing lots of new things, and that’s fantastic.

The one down side, however, is drop-off in the morning. Although Rory warms up to his classmates and new teachers as soon as he arrives, he is definitely more clingy than usual. His old teacher and I had the routine down pretty well… Rory and his teacher would wave bye-bye from the classroom window, and I would wave back and escape with no water works. So far, we’ve not been successful trying a similar routine in his new classroom.

It’s made me feel pretty lousy a couple of mornings this week, but I know it will improve soon enough. I’m just happy to hear how well he’s doing during the day, and that keeps me confident enough not to turn around, even when I can hear the waterworks behind me. . .

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