…and That’s a Wrap

With this week’s posts, we bring SFL’s GrowUpLearning blog to an end. Over the past eight years, we’ve shared in the experiences of a wonderful, varied set of moms—each coping with parenthood in her own way and as best fit her circumstances.

I owe a huge debt of thanks to the five women who brought this blog to life:

To Melissa – who introduced us to young Brady—the apple of her eye;

To Janelle – who cared for infant Jack while weathering the storms of a military wife with a deployed husband, and who later introduced us to the irrepressible—sometimes challenging—Tate.

To Jaime – who made us laugh and cry with her stories of life with Andrew—and the turmoil surrounding the loss of their home after Hurricane Sandy;

To Neetika – who explored the ups and downs of city and suburban parenting with Haley and Hudson;

To Erin – Who tackles parenting Rory and Charlotte with the same intensity with which she tackles her career.

Each has been different, but they all have much in common. That’s the point, of course. There’s no one right way to be a parent, and if the experiences of these five have given our readers any hints about what they’re doing right—or what they might do better—then we’ve fulfilled our purpose.

The end of this blog will not end SFL’s commitment to families. Our Early Childhood staff continue to help early childhood teachers involve families in their work. Our K-12 team knows teachers see kids for far less time than their parents do. Parents are the most important teachers a child will ever have. It’s a huge responsibility, but it’s also a wonderful ride. We wish you all the best as you help and watch them grow.

David Shively
Executive Vice President
The Source for Learning

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