Christmas Program

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Tomorrow is Jack’s big Christmas program at preschool for family and friends.  It is in their large gym where there is plenty of room for everyone and refreshments.  My husband even requested the morning off from work to see his boy shine.

Jack’s three year old class(es) will all be singing several Christmas carols as well as reciting two bible verses.  Jack and I have been practicing all week to get ready for this program.  I’m not too sure if Jack really knows what to expect, but he seems very excited about it.  I am wondering if he’ll be nervous, scared, relaxed or just mind his own business.  I remember my elementary programs and I was always a nervous wreck trying to memorize lines or songs.

I’m looking forward to Jack’s first big performance.  Whether he gets stage fright or nails his lines, it will be fun to see him get into the Christmas spirit.  If we are lucky, Santa may even make a stop to say hello.

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