Stranger Danger

From Friday Mom – Erin:
Like Wednesday Mom, Rory has been showing some new-found anxiety this week.  On Wednesday afternoon, I received a call from his teacher to let me know that he’d been extraordinarily needy during the course of the day– refusing to leave her side, wanting to be held, and generally just wanting to be close to her.  Apparently there were a few substitute teachers in and out of the room today, and Rory was very uncomfortable with the new faces.

I witnessed a little of this when I dropped him off that morning, but he seemed to have calmed perfectly well before I left.  We were a little worried he might not be feeling well– but his behavior when he arrived home with his daddy was stellar.  He was his happy, playful, giggly self.  In short, the anxiety was the only explanation for his breakdowns.

Rory never really demonstrated any stranger or separation anxiety around the eight to nine month mark when infants ordinarily exhibit such tendencies.  Instead, he was always pretty calm and perfectly happy to be passed around to strangers.  Now, that is definitely not the case.  According to the “experts,” toddlers tend to have such separation and/or stranger anxiety relapses around the fifteen month mark.  This anxiety can continue up until age two, though typically subsides in a month or two.

Although we are very glad to see that Rory has bonded with his regular teachers, we hope that he gets used to the new faces soon.  It makes me sad to think of him being unhappy during the day, especially knowing that I can’t be the one to pick him up and make everything all better.  Knowing that it is simply a developmental stage helps ease the sting a little bit, but I am sure it will feel even better when we’re past it.

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