Home for the Holidays

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
This year, our Christmas plans are different than years past. My husband has to work on Christmas day, and my children’s holiday school break is two weeks long. So, we decided to travel “home” to Pennsylvania for holidays. It’s been years since I’ve shared Christmas morning with my folks, and I look forward to sharing time with our entire family.

The boys and I flew in over the weekend, and managed to get a standby flight, despite the busy travel season. My husband plans to meet us for a few days over the holiday break, but we’ll miss him on the 25th. As an airline pilot, that’s to be expected, especially your first year. The boys did great on the plane ride, and I was able to get a few minutes of shut eye.

Jack and Tate made sure to write Santa a letter explaining our holiday plans to him. Our elf, Zack, delivered the letter directly to Santa. I’m trying to keep my stories straight this year to preserve the innocence of my two “Santa Believers.” The boys more skeptical this year, and they ask questions about Santa. I’m sure they will figure it out eventually, but I hope they continue to believe as long as possible.

We are very excited to be with extended family this year on Christmas. I hope you get to do the same, too. Merry Christmas!

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