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August 31, 2009

Monday, August 31st, 2009

As Monday Mom, I guess my blog will be read on everyone’s favorite day. I know, I know….

Most people don’t like Mondays anymore than having root canals. I am one of those odd people who love starting a new week, a fresh start, our trash goes out on Sunday nights, laundry is typically caught up, weekly grocery trip is complete, and all is well. My life is a lot like a Monday right now – new beginnings. In your 30s, new beginnings aren’t as exciting as they were during the college years. They are a bit scary. But change happens, whether we want it or not. There is a lot of change in my life right now, a new adventure everyday! I look forward to giving you a glimpse into my world on Mondays.

My world – well, right now the one word to describe my world is SURVIVAL! I am a recently-single mom of a terrific 3-year old boy. Last month we moved into my parents’ house (that adjustment will require an entirely different blog entry). I also own a teaching company and edit/contribute to an online educational non-profit. I work about 99% from home with no childcare. I work nearly fulltime hours, so it is a struggle some days. So to sum up my life – I am a work at home, business owning, single mother of a 3-year old. He is turning 4 in a few months, and I am in complete denial that he is growing into a little boy now.

The most important facet of my life right now is motherhood. This has been true ever since I laid my eyes on my child. I had been teaching fulltime in the public school system, at a job that I loved. I had every intention of going back when my son was 1-year old. Well, things change (another new beginning). I wanted to find a way to stay home AND make a fulltime income (which was really necessary). It is great that I can work around my son’s schedule, but hard because I have little to no time to myself.

Most days, I feel as if I am a pentagon living in a world of triangles. I stay home, but I am not a stay-at- home mom. I work, but I don’t have childcare. I was married, but even then was basically a single mom, so never really had a partner. Don’t get me wrong, I think normalcy is over-rated, and I am a “proud pentagon.” I am really looking forward to sharing my adventures, triumphs, and failures with you every Monday! Maybe there will be some other pentagons (or triangles, rectangles, or squares) that find this blog as a support and even a way to laugh at the “uniqueness” of our lives. I welcome any comments or questions, and will answer as honestly and quickly as possible.

Play. Learn. Grow. Repeat. – A blog for GrowUpLearning

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Play. Learn. Grow. Repeat.  isn’t really about GrowUpLearning. It’s about growing up, how kids do it, and how parents—we hope—will help. Our contributors are three young mothers not unlike you, or perhaps your spouse.

Monday Mom is self-employed, but she has been a teacher. She’s also in the process of learning how to be a single parent. She lives in the mid-Atlantic states, where she works from home… at least when she’s not out running after-school activities for other children. Monday’s child is three, and will turn four soon.

Wednesday Mom gave up her marketing job to be a stay-at-home mom. Her husband is a Naval aviator, so he is away for months at a time… usually in places very far away. At the moment, they live in the very hot central valley of California, but a move is in the works. Wednesday’s child is just two, and very, very two.

Friday Mom is an attorney practicing in a mid-sized firm on the east coast. By chance, her mother is a school psychologist. Friday Mom says that’s OK anyway. Friday’s child will turn two at the end of the year.

We don’t guarantee that what you’ll hear from these three women will always be profound. It will, however, be genuine: reflections on how parenting changes your life; how children learn and discover; and what moms and dads and extended families can do to help their children and one another.

Each of our moms writes once a week. We hope you will write back—with comments, suggestions, or other reactions. These little folks don’t come with instruction manuals, so we’re all finding our way as best we can.

We hope you’ll join us; we’re all in this together.

Play. Learn. Grow. Repeat.
Growing and Learning Together