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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

I made the mistake of telling Jack that Christmas was just around the corner.  I’ve been using the “Santa is watching you” phrase when he chooses to whine or throw fits.  Fortunately, his attitude improves when I tell him this, but his questions about Santa get harder and harder to answer.

Jack’s latest interests are cars and trucks, especially the matchbox type.  When we are out and about and he sees a car or truck he likes (which is just about every single one) he tells me he wants to get it.  I told him to start a Christmas list and maybe Santa would bring him one.  He listened to me and he now has a Christmas list that currently has 52 items on it.  He makes me write down every car/truck every color and every size he wants (along with many other “really cool” things).

It is sweet that he is excited about his list, but at this rate the list will be out of control by Thanksgiving.  My husband pointed out that you only get a few years of 100% Santa belief out of your kids, so we might as well use it to our advantage.  Ultimately my husband is right. Jack will outgrow it some year and we will long for his 52 item list again. So I won’t complain. I will just keep on writing for him.  This will be something I keep and show him when he is 16.