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Angel Wishes

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
The holiday season is a time for giving.  I love to shop for family, friends and those in need.  I like to help out others who do not have much.  This year we sponsored an angel, a little three year old girl.  The organization she is part of provides Christmas for abused and neglected children who are placed in shelters and/or foster homes in the surrounding areas.  These children are separated from their families and even their siblings.  Some of these children have never received anything for Christmas and all have had traumatic abuse.

Each sponsored child has a Christmas wish list.  Our girl’s list consisted of a pillow and socks.  My heart broke when I read her list and immediately I wanted to give her the best Christmas yet.  I can’t fathom the life this sweet little girl lives.  Bouncing from home to home, missing her siblings and not knowing if she’ll have a warm bed at night.  I’m thankful the organization she is part of is thriving and able to help children in need.

Jack and Tate helped me shop for the little girl.  I explained to them both that not everyone lives a happy life like they do.  Not everyone has food handy in their pantry and not everyone has a coat to keep them warm.  The boys picked out an animal pillow and some colorful socks.  We also found a warm outfit, a doll, a game and some fun art supplies.  We wrapped the gifts and delivered them.  It was so nice to see the caring side of Jack and Tate.  It makes me feel good knowing my husband and I have raised our boys to have a heart of gold.

We hope our little girl has a wonderful Christmas this year.  If you are able and willing, please donate to someone in need.  It lets everyone involved experience the holiday spirit.

Giving Back

Friday, December 10th, 2010

From Jaime – Friday Mom:
Last weekend, Andrew was in the middle of a massive meltdown. He had tried negotiating his way into what he wanted and when that didn’t work, he lost it. I’m talking hands on the hips, veins popping out of the forehead, kicking and screaming, red face, yelling “THAT’S JUST NOT FAIR” at the top of his lungs.

Yeah, it was fun.

That was when we hit him with, “Hey, bud. It’s too bad you’re so upset. You can’t enjoy your surprise if you’re so upset.”

That got his attention. “Surprise? Where is it? What is it?”

So we bundled him up, loaded him into the car and took him to the mall. (This is how much I love this kid. I avoid the mall like the plague this time of year…) We walked him through the mall to…the Build A Bear store.

Before he tore over to check out all the animals, Hubby picked Andrew up and explained what we were doing there. “Andrew, you’re going to make 2 animals. One is for you. The other, you’re going to give to another child.”

At that point, Andrew gave him the “WHAT are you talking about, Daddy?” look.

Hubby continued to explain that some people can’t afford to buy presents, so if Andrew gives away a bear, some kid would get a present who wouldn’t be able to have one otherwise.

Andrew surveyed all his options, checking out bears, rabbits, snow men, reindeer and doggies, before making his choices. He worked the pedals to fill them with stuffing and put a red heart inside each one.

He insisted on carrying both animals through the mall inside their boxes. I really expected him to freak out when the time came to give away one of the toys. Instead, he looked inside both boxes and decided that he wanted to keep the bunny rabbit (cleverly named “bunny”).

We boxed up the bear and Andrew happily placed it inside the Toys for Tots box. We were so proud of him.
Hopefully he learned that sometimes it feels pretty good doing something nice for someone else.

Brady’s Brother, Obvious

Monday, December 6th, 2010

From Melissa – Monday Mom:
Last year, we started to support a young child in Africa through one of the many available programs. I explained to Brady that we were providing this boy (Obvious) with food and water. We talked about how our monthly contributions would help Obvious have a home and attend school. So Brady started to refer to him as his brother. At first he got some odd responses when he referred to having a brother (especially from his daddy). But he continued to refer to his “brother” Obvious. He even keeps a picture of Obvious in his bedroom.

Brady has prayed for Obvious every single night of the past year. (Little does he know, that our sponsored child was changed last summer because Obvious’s family moved out of the area). I never told Brady because I figured it couldn’t hurt to continue to pray for little Obvious, whose birthday is just 10 days before Brady’s.

Brady has always had a compassionate heart, and recently saw the magazine that our program sends to us regarding how our money is being used. He saw that you could buy animals to help families. So this Christmas, Brady would like to donate some animals to those less fortunate than himself. (Of course, his first choice was a donkey – and they are EXPENSIVE). He also has decided that he is buying this animal for his brother: Obvious.

While that may not be entirely true, he is partially correct, in that the animal will be given to someone in a similar situation as Obvious’s family. So recently, rather than going through the toy magazines, we have started to look at animals to purchase for gifts. I plan to put up pictures of the animals we purchase now (and in the future) in Brady’s playroom or bedroom as a constant reminder of the gift(s) he gave. He may have slightly less toys under the tree this year, but hopefully he will look at his pictures and remember that his gift keeps on giving. And the BEST part of all…. he came up with this idea on his own!

My Brother, Obvious

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Last weekend I attended a concert. At the concert, they did a special piece about the devastation in Haiti and the living conditions for many children throughout the world. That night I decided I was going to sponsor a child. His name is Obvious (really!), he is 16 days older than Brady, and he is from Zambia. I wanted to find a boy around Brady’s age. I thought it would be a great experience for Brady to write letters to Obvious, send him small gifts, etc.. So while at the concert I called Brady and told him that we were going to be helping a little boy get food, water, and an education. To this Brady asked me “which room is going to be his bedroom.”

I guess Brady thought that Obvious was going to leave Zambia and come and live in America (in our home). I explained to him that I would show him his picture and talk to him about it the following day, since he was heading to bed with Mammaw and Papa soon.

Well, the next day Brady asked me to meet his “brother.” So I got out my picture of Obvious and Brady looked at him and smiled. Then he showed his picture to our dog, Molly, and introduced him. He took the picture card for a tour of our house. He was talking to the photo card just like Obvious was really here, showing Obvious his playroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.. We have started the first letter we plan to send to Obvious, but not finished it yet. We plan to send along some stickers and paper. Brady prays for Obvious before bed and we often talk about him.

Brady naturally has a very giving heart. So I am so excited to be able to nurture that sense of giving in this new way. I am going to show him Zambia on a map, try to find some pictures of what Obvious’s home may look like, etc.. I hope this is the beginning of a long friendship between Brady and Obvious.