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Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
It must be October. The weather is finally cooling off and the leaves are just starting to change color. Our neighborhood is decorated in cobwebs, furry spiders, pumpkins and the random scary skeleton. The kids get a kick out of the spooky décor and are extremely excited for Halloween.

This Halloween, Jack will be dressed as Batman and Tate as a Minecraft character. They picked their costumes in August, and they knew exactly what they wanted. I can’t wait to see them all dressed up and running through the neighborhood with their friends.

Our street hosts a potluck in a nearby cul de sac on Halloween night. The families meet there for a quick bite to eat and the kids ring every doorbell once the sun sets. It’s a great evening to meet neighbors and chat with good friends. I’m looking forward to it this year, and all the spooky creatures that ring our doorbell.

Trick or Treat

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
We’ve never lived in a neighborhood where our kids could go trick or treating. In the past, we had to visit friends who lived in neighborhoods and trick or treat with them.

This year was completely different. We moved to a place where we knew events like Halloween would be more fun. Almost every home was decorated with spider webs, pumpkins, witches and ghouls. One house had a graveyard with animatronic clowns and a laser light show. The moment the sun started to fade, the streets filled with young zombies, rock-stars, superheroes, princesses, book characters and villains. I’m biased, but the Nerf warrior and Lego Mixel character were my favorite. Our children quickly found their friends and dashed from house to house filling their bags with candy.

Each street had a gathering of neighbors with potluck food and beverages. The parents’ costumes were often more elaborate than their children’s. We were woefully under dressed for the event. Our kids had a blast, and we know that we need to step up our Halloween game next year. Jack and Tate were very happy with their first Halloween in the new neighborhood. Their volume of candy is proof.

Happy Diwali!

Monday, October 31st, 2016

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
As we fill our bowls with candy, get our kids dressed up and lace up our comfortable Trick-or-Treating shoes for today’s festivities, I would like to take a moment wish a Happy Diwali to those who celebrate. Over the weekend, our family enjoyed the annual festival of lights, celebrated by people of various faiths who originate from the Indian subcontinent.

We celebrate Diwali by hanging up lights and lighting candles, cooking up delicious foods, getting our house clean, exchanging small gifts and sweets, and participating in a short prayer service. Now that Haley is getting a bit older, it’s fun to explain to her what these rituals are all about. There’s even a fun app I downloaded on the iPad which explains the Diwali origin story—gotta love modern technology!

The parable of Diwali is about the triumph of good over evil—a pretty universal theme. I like to think of it as a reminder to spread positivity, love and light to the people you care about and everyone you encounter. Haley seems a bit incredulous about this ideology, saying: “I don’t love all people because I don’t like their clothes.” I’m still hoping something sticks. I like to think she’s getting something out of these annual rituals even if she doesn’t realize it.

I’m wishing all of you a year of good health and happiness. And let’s not forget the holiday that kids can universally get behind; have a safe and happy Halloween!

A for Effort

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
Haley was so excited for Halloween. Our little Wonder Woman had been talking about Halloween since literally the last Halloween. The costume she would choose was a debate that dominated our conversations on and off for the last twelve months. I have a very specific strategy for actually procuring a costume. Once the sales the start, the very moment Haley says she’s going to be a character that is not a Disney princess, I pounce. I order the costume that day. I have nothing against princesses, but I have indulged her plenty for the last four years!

Naturally, we dressed Hudson up as Superman to complete the DC Comics theme. I saw a lot of Supermen around the neighborhood, but Hudson was definitely the most adorable. I was hesitant to even taking him out for Trick-or-Treating. It was a bit cold. It’s so crowded around here and he’d just be in the stroller, not actually receiving candy. Plus, I’d had him in his costume at Haley’s school parade the day before, so lots of people had already “oohed and aahed” over him.

In the end, in the spirit of getting into the spirit, we elected to go out as a family. Within half an hour, Hudson was out like a light. The crowds didn’t bother him or perhaps even lulled him into a deeper sleep. I was happy with the way the holiday turned out.

Until—that is—the next day. Hudson woke up pretty congested. He was still in his usual happy spirits, but definitely now has a full-blown cold. He might not have gotten it from the crowds or the weather, but it certainly couldn’t have helped things. So often, in wanting to give my kids the fun experiences they deserve to have as children, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I don’t necessarily think I did the wrong thing last weekend. But it was a good reminder to keep things in perspective. After all, my kids have a lot of fun! And some of our best moments as a family are spent being really silly in our living room, in our pajamas. No special costumes or spectators necessary.

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 30th, 2015

From Friday Mom – Erin:
We took Rory to a Halloween party last weekend.  It was one of a handful of times I’ve seen Rory exhibit true fear.  Trembling, speechless, unfiltered fear –  at an adult-sized Darth Vader costume.

He wouldn’t even step inside the front the door.

After coaxing him a bit and picking him up, he came on inside and settled in as far away in the house as humanly possible from the costumed man (who just so happened to be the father of the host).  Eventually, our hosts graciously asked the masked man to reveal the fact that, underneath, he was a gentle old grandfather (and not the frightening man on the exterior).  By the end of the evening, Rory couldn’t stop talking about his buddy Darth Vader and how he was very scary, but that he was really a man.  A very nice man.

Although I feel badly watching Rory tremble with fear, I also find it fascinating to watch how he processes his fears. Having watched his reaction under such circumstances a handful of times previously, I’ve come to realize that talking about things after the fact is his methodology for processing his emotions.  This time, that processing was a bit more sophisticated than the last, in that he seems to be verbalizing what scared him a bit more, as well as what he has come to realize as part of his no longer being scared.

I’m hoping he learned his lesson reasonably well– I’m sure we’ll have to revisit it tomorrow when we go trick or treating.  Hopefully if we run into Darth out on the sidewalk, he’ll stand tall and remember that he’s really a very nice man.

Fall Fun

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
This weekend we visited our local pumpkin patch. Like so many farms, it has grown from a simple field of pumpkins to a family fall fun destination with many activities for young children. We spent hours running, playing, feeding animals, and getting lost in a corn maze before we finally took a tractor ride out to the actual pumpkin patch. Jack and Tate wait for this day every fall. They love the open fields, the fun attractions for kids, and finding the perfect pumpkin. I love watching them enjoying being kids.

This year was special because my mother, Jack and Tate’s “Grammy,” was here to witness all the fun. The boys led her around and showed her their favorite activities, including a new 100ft. slide that the boys particularly loved. My mother and I sat back and watched nervously as they flew down the hill with smiles on their faces.

The actual pumpkin patch was perched at the top of a hill. We rode on a hay trailer behind a tractor up a ¼ mile bumpy path. When it stopped, we quickly jumped off to find the perfect pumpkin. The boys searched and searched and found their favorite pumpkins. They were determined to carry the pumpkins back to the hayride all by themselves, but they learned that big pumpkins are also very, very heavy. I managed to get a cute photo of them trying.

The pumpkin patch was a fun adventure during the boys’ fall break. Over the last several days off from school, we did as much as we could to relax and enjoy each other’s company. As is so often the case, my kids get up earlier on the days they don’t have school, and they try to sleep in on the days I need them to get out of bed for school. Either way, I’m happy to know their break was time well spent, especially with Grammy in town.


Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Jack and Tate picked out their Halloween costumes months ago.  Knowing their star wars obsession, it did not surprise me when they chose Darth Vader and Yoda.  As Yoda would say, “A perfect pair, I thought.”

Our town celebrates trick or treating on Halloween, but last weekend we were invited to attend Halloween celebrations in housing on the Navy base. The housing community hosts their own trick or treating for residents and their friends.  Jack and Tate have several friends who live there, and my husband and I are friends with their parents.  We were all happy to try a new friendly neighborhood.  The boys were ecstatic to walk run all over the neighborhood and find as much candy as possible.  They had permanent smiles on their faces and made sure to knock on every single door.  They know exactly how to maximize their loot.  The boys managed to fill up their treat bags and immediately examine all their goodies.  Jack favors chocolates and Tate enjoys lollipops.

After roughly two hours of trick or treating, we attended the neighborhood potluck picnic.  The perfect evening was made up of delicious fall comfort food, a fire pit, adult conversation, and kids roaming freely in delight

Jack and Tate are already talking about what/who they want to dress up as next Halloween.  It’s funny listening to them plan out their costumes.   They’ve already changed their minds twenty times.   Whatever they decide on, I am looking forward to another year of Halloween fun.


Family Life

Monday, October 28th, 2013

From Monday Mom – Neetika:
As a quick follow-up to last week’s post, I am glad to report that potty training is going much better. We don’t have it 100% down just yet, but we are almost there. What a relief!

We are really enjoying the Halloween season this year. Haley completely understands how it all works—costumes, trick-or-treating, decorations, pumpkins, candy—she is adorably excited. Today, her dance school is having a Halloween party with lots of activities and treats. My husband is even taking off the morning to accompany us. I can’t wait to see all the little kids dressed up and to experience the festivities through Haley’s eyes.

Witnessing Haley appreciating Halloween has got me really looking forward to the fall holidays not just this year, but in all the years to come. You sometimes wonder what having a child is really all about. I think this is it. It’s a tradition-filled, family-oriented way to enjoy life. Some folks like to travel or seriously pursue a hobby, or throw themselves into work. If that makes you happy, then that’s great. But for me, I love following the changing of the seasons, the same holidays coming every year. It might not seem thrilling to come up with new crafts, take another family holiday photo, or dig up an old recipe year after year after year. Yet it is! I love the life Haley and I are creating through these experiences. I love slowly discovering the ways “our family” does things.

And what’s also great is that the more things stay the same, the more they change! As Haley gets older, the aspects of our traditions that interest her will continue to evolve. I hope one day she’ll be just as excited to give out Halloween candy as she is to receive it. I hope she’ll be just as excited to donate Christmas gifts as she is to get them. I hope she’ll think fun, new rituals with each birthday we celebrate. I hope she’ll have decorating ideas, new recipes she wants to try, and many friends she’ll want to include. Most of all, I hope she’ll remember that the most important part is spending time with the people you love.


Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Jack and Tate love to play with art supplies.  They like to color, draw, squish play-doh, finger paint and make crafts.  I must admit I enjoy it myself, as well as watching them create masterpieces.  When the boys appear bored or not getting along very well, I pull out our bin of supplies and tell them to make me something.  I am usually guaranteed a good thirty minutes of happiness and a sweet picture.

Sunday afternoon was an eventful day of crafts.  Our big project was carving pumpkins.  We lined our patio table with newspaper and gathered all of our tools.  My husband made the first cut.  I watched the boy’s faces as the pumpkin “guts” were scooped out.  They were a little grossed out at first, but quickly wanted to get their hands in it.  Seeds were dumping out everywhere and everything was sticky.  It was a messy scene, but very aromatic.

We decided to stick with the classic jack-o-lantern face.  The boys were armed with a Sharpie marker and drew their faces on the pumpkins.  I cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and revealed their jack-o-lanterns.  They turned out great and look even better lit at night.   Our fingers are crossed that our jack-o-lanterns last until Halloween.

After we finished carving our pumpkins, the boys wanted to make more decorations.  I handed them paper and they cut out and colored their own pumpkins, Frankensteins, bats, witches and ghosts. They are displayed all over our house.   Randomly, a sweet little three-year-old voice will shout “Boo” and try to scare me.   I love seeing my kids in the holiday spirit.  It makes ME feel like a kid again


Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

From Wednesday Mom – Janelle:
Halloween is here and the costumes are ready to be worn.  Jack and Tate are going as Thing 1 and Thing 2 this year.  I did some shopping. The official costumes were a bit pricey. So I decided to make my own version.  Red shirts, red pants, blue wigs and adhesive print outs of the Thing 1 and 2 logo on the shirts is all it took.  I think they turned out great and were a fraction of the cost of the store version.

We are joining our friends again this year, since they have a larger neighborhood.  The boys get to have fun with their friends and so do the adults.  For the last several years it’s been very warm during Halloween, but that’s not the case this year.  We’ll have to bundle up and experience Halloween like I remember from my childhood.

Tate’s class is having a Halloween party which I have volunteered to help with.  A few of the moms got together and planned a little party.   Crafts, finger food and games will make any two year old happy.   I made some goodie bags for the kids to take home.  I look forward seeing the children all dressed up.

Happy Halloween!